Relax & Rehab

Relax & Rehab provide a unique Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Service to its clients within the comfort of Studio ELB.
We provide the highest quality assessment and treatment process formulated to help clients achieve optimal movement and function for their desired goals and lifestyle. If you
• are recovering from surgery or an injury
• have an area of pain which is limiting your day to day living
• Or you are embarking on a personal fitness regime, want to hit your targets and avoid injury Relax & Rehab can help you.

Sport Massage

With an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology our therapists will provide you with a massage that not only targets the area of pain or tension but also the area of restriction surrounding it. A range of techniques will be utilised in order to achieve optimal results at each treatment session. Your therapist will ask you to move around and alter your position throughout the session to enable them to apply these techniques efficiently. They will work with your soft tissues to achieve optimal relaxation state, on occasions this can be uncomfortable but should never be unbearable. We are highly skilled to recognise and react to the soft tissues themselves but we always encourage our clients to communicate to us to confirm their comfort and needs. Please note you do not need to have a specific problem area, pain or injury to benefit from this style


If you have a specific injury or problem area our physiotherapists will help you understand what is happening and why. They will Develop an individually tailored treatment programme to include the use of techniques such as joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage and rock taping, so that you 'feel' the difference after each treatment. Each session will be different adapting to your needs and improvements. Treatment sessions will also include demonstration of and practising of exercises selected specifically for you. These home exercise programmes are a vital element of successful treatment, they will enhance your recovery rate and ensure long term improvements.

Sport Massage Prices

60 Minutes £70.00
30 Minutes £40.00


5 X 60 Minutes £295.00
10 X 60 Minutes £575.00

5 X 30 Minutes £175.00
10 X 30 Minutes £330.00

At Relax & Rehab we can also provide Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish / Relaxation Massages as well as Pre and Post Natal Treatments please contact us for more information.

Physiotherapy Prices

60 Minutes £80.00
30 Minutes £45.00


60 Minute Physiotherapy Package £435.00
1 X 60 Minute Initial Assessment
5 X 60 Minute Follow Up Treatment Sessions

30 Minute Physiotherapy Package £275.00
1 X 60 Minute Initial Assessment
5 X 30 Minute Follow Up Treatment Sessions

Karen Schollhammer