Emma Louise Burrows is the founder of Studio ELB. As an ex gymnast, fitness champion, celebrity trainer and fitness presenter, Emma leads by example and finds the winner in everyone she trains/coaches. Training Lauren Goodger to turn from fat to fit in order to create and present her OMG Fitness DVD is a challenge she most certainly won. Most impressive about that success story is that during her journey with Ms Goodger, Emma was pregnant and presented the DVD whilst being 8 months into her pregnancy. In extremely high demand, her specialities/expertise are body sculpting, weight loss, core strength, fitness competitor coaching, gymnastics coaching and she is a Master Tabata Trainer. In terms of her overall approach to fitness, Emma adopts a very US style. To learn more about Emma's background and what lead her to the creation of Studio ELB, check out the home page.
Scarlett Bagnall has a militant approach and style that benefits clients looking for serious results. In line with the studio's concept to create machines out of the human body as opposed to using machinery itself, she comes from a gymnastic and athletic background which allows her to embrace that concept fully. She specialises in functional movement and Olympic Weight Lifting. Scarlett uses the 1,000 rep protocol – this method is used to minimise the risk of error in the technique and maximise the results by completing '1,000 reps'. Additional areas of expertise include circuit training, pre and postnatal exercise, functional movement screening, muscle activation and body transformation. Work with this little red head to tick off the goals one by one.
Maltese personal trainer and fitness athlete Hannah Grech moved to the UK specifically to join the elite team at the studio. She is ideally placed here where her high standards can be utilised. Hannah’s love for sports started as a toddler through gymnastics and developed further to other sports such as swimming, tennis, trampolining and horse riding . She continued to practice gymnastics up until the age of sixteen, and it was then that she discovered her passion for the competitive world of bodybuilding. Hannah is a successful international IFBB competitor, having already competed in 13 shows. Hannah’s clients include celebrities, athletes, and everyday people. She works with each on an individual basis, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. Through her education and experience Hannah has developed a wide range of skills which has enabled her to design tailored programs to reach individual needs.
Client turned trainer Vicky Louise was coached by Studio Owner Emma leading up to her win at the MuscleMania world show in Miami, where she was crowned Miss Bikini Universe in 2015. Her own personal transformation is the very inspiration that sparked her fitness journey to the next level to become a trainer and assist others in their own transformations. Growing up Vicky was always involved in fitness representing her school in long distance running for Essex and health and wellness have always been a huge part of her life. However, it was when training at studio ELB she discovered the power of a different style of training which ultimately changed her body and life completely. Helping others to persevere and push their limits is Vicky’s true passion.
Ola Krysztofiak is a four times bikini fitness champion who excels in the physical and mental coaching of individuals. She adapts her methods and approach with each client, to ensure they excel in their chosen areas. With three years of body building experience one of her specialities is in sculpting the physique and Ola is also famous for making her clients sweat. She knows your limits and will not allow you to hit any less than you are capable of. As well as weight training, she uses a combination of high intensity and bodyweight work to achieve results. Her sessions are tough but also fun and this is a direct result of a combination of her knowledge, passion and a captivating personality.
Lauren Kennedy is our in-house yoga PT guru. She studied intensely in Bali to qualify in yoga and combines her background in gymnastics with this knowledge, to shape her clients into the type of yogi they wish to become. Lauren is a wonderful example to all her clients, her body visually speaks for itself but her brains outweigh her beauty. As a Ms Bikini champion, she is a leading example of knowing exactly what it takes to set a goal and achieve it.
Keegan Hargreaves was a member of Air Cadets from the age of 15, which is where he first found his love for health and fitness. He stood out as being extremely fit whilst in the Cadets and this developed a more disciplined and motivated approach to his work, which he now ensures his clients adopt. During an impressive period of playing rugby, he acquired his speciality knowledge in strength, power and hypertrophy-specific training. This paired up alongside his experience within amateur boxing/boxing coaching he can provide fun, intense boxing training and cardiovascular fitness, as well as achieving top-notch body sculpting results.

Illana Gambrill our dance PT shares the studio's concept of embracing the best the U.S. has to offer, having worked and studied in LA, she brings with her an exceptional movement vocabulary. This lady has worked with the best in dance on an international scale, collecting jobs to add to her CV such as a resident X Factor dancer and hitting the stage for artists such as the Sugababes and Jessie J. Illana has an infectious energy and can create a dancer out of even those with two left feet. Her passion for what she does has evolved into giving that gift to others and 121 dance PT allows her to do that at the highest possible level. Iliana owns an amazing dance fitness brand....Dancebox! Incredibly full of energy and fun fitness dance classes designed and run by her. People of any age or ability can attend and benefit from this top class dancer's talent, passion and motivation. Check out our class timetable for info.