June 2017 – Bubblee (Childs play clothing owner, fun time girl)
Emma is someone who goes the extra mile, its not always about physical appearance its been about my confidence. I run a business and for a few years I lost my confidence, felt alone, even cried to sleep some nights until one day I walked into ELB and met Emma, she made me feel so welcome and made me believe in putting myself first. I couldn’t look in the mirror once upon a time and now I can because Emma pushed me to believe in myself. My body has changed but most importantly my confidence to smile came back. I look in the mirror and hear Emma’s voice saying ‘you can do this Bubblee’ because of this I’m a better person. Emma is truly dedicated and puts in 101. She has also educated me on better food choices for daily life and I know feel healthy and that I can do things I once couldn’t. 
June 2017 – Gary Conway (Joker, family man, all round great guy)
Vicky is an excellent PT, extremely knowledgeable and motivating.  Vicky is a great combination of friendly, tough and supportive, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I have back issues that Vicky is very good at working around which is always my biggest challenge when training. I feel much fitter than when I first walked through the doors of the studio and I look forward to continuing to hit my goals with Vicky.
June 2017 – Louise Baron (possessor of the strongest core in town, maybe even the world)
I started having some PT sessions with Hannah and have found them to be a great addition to my sessions with Emma. Hannah understands and supports both mine and Emma’s plans and goals for me. She is an exceptional asset to Studio ELB and even more of an asset to me. Each training session is unique and Hannah continues to push me to new levels. Her training methods are challenging but she makes them feel achievable. Never ever a boring training session.
June 2017 – Humaira Raja (local lovely lady, talented accountant)
In late 2016 I walked through the door of Studio ELB. Behind a big girl was a girl with no confidence who feared being in a changed environment. However when I saw the studio on social media and noticed the incredible women pursuing different goals I realised that in order to achieve what I want I had to become a part of this team. I met Emma on my initial consultation and although I have days where I say Im never going to go back to her, I am so glad to have met Emma. She has made me do things I could have never have imagined doing as that was for the ‘much fitter’ people. Emma has built my core and over all strength. She has adapted plans so that I get the maximum out of my training. Emma is not only my trainer, she has become an important part of my life. She has had belief in me from the beginning, her ‘you got this’ I can hear in my sleep. Thanks to Emma for welcoming me into the studio and making me a part of the family atmosphere which is the best thing about the studio. Im looking forward to continuing my journey with the studio and reach my goals, maintain it, live it and have a lifestyle I never would have dreamed of.  
June 2017 – Sam Liborwich (PA of Howard wise, owner of the best tan in town)
Iv been training with Vicky at Studio ELB and this is my first experience of having a personal trainer. I am really noticing the difference in my body shape and feeling a lot more confident . Having trained in other local gyms, I really look forward to each one to one session and push myself much more. Vicky keeps me feeling motivated and wanting to reach my personal goals which we went over together prior to our first ever session. Every time we do something different, which I prefer and she really has taught me a lot. I also love how private the Studio is as apposed to a busy gym.
May 2017 – Howard Wise (local legend, joker, luxury car dealer)
What can I say about Emma other than she has changed my life obviously for the better. To be able to put up with me coming up to the duration of 3 years, she really does deserve a medal. Working with her on a one to one basis has defiantly given me the strength and commitment that I needed. The way she works and does things I feel there is no other trainer who can fulfil this role for me personally. I am not one for gyms or crowds and Studio ELB is defiantly for the more private person, which suites me perfectly.
May 2017 – Francesca Allured (traveler and health enthusiast)
Working with Scarlett has been a dream! She is attentive to my every need and on hand 24/7 which is exactly the type of help I need when trying to stick to a meal plan. Even with my strict dietary requirements, she has created the perfect plans and adapted where needed to refuel me correctly and produce optimum results. Scarlett has encouraged me through every difficult training session and her dedication to me and my goals kept me pushing through even when I think I have no more left in the tank.
May 2017 – Liz  Beale (her fitness journey inspires us all)
Emma Louise Burrows is the best in class both in nutrition, emotional eating support and fitness. When I train with Emma she will push me to the limit, when you think you can’t do another rep she will push you for five more. Her nutrition advice and plans work, simple! Emma totally understands my emotional eating and helps me through the really difficult times. Since training with Emma my body is achieving things I never thought possible and I know she will help me achieve whatever I want. Emma is a tough trainer but I always end my sessions with the biggest smile.
May 2017 – Liz  Beale (busy business women)
Hannah will make your body achieve results you never thought possible. Her personal training sessions are tough and she pushes you to your limits and beyond! She knows my body better than I do which is exactly why I love training with her. Hannah has been great at helping me with my emotional relationship with food which is one of my biggest battles. Don’t let Hannah’s sweet exterior fool you, she is dynamite when it comes to training.
April 2017 – Sarah Louise Okin ‘Slo’ – Machines In training
At the beginning of 2016 I was on a city break with my boyfriend and realised something had to change, I had always struggled with my weight but I had reached the point where walking around sight seeing all day had become a horrible experience as my ankles and knees simply couldn’t take the weight anymore. A friend told me a detox week was happening a few weeks later at ELB so I signed up. Ive always exercised on and off but id never found anything that was for me and I would quit! I met Scarlett that first day and over a year later Ive been to several detoxes run by her, had personal training sessions with her and still attend at least 2 morning classes a week! Right from the start Scarlett had faith in me and my ability and made sure I pushed myself to the maximum. I can do things now that I never dreamed I could do and Im still improving weekly. Scarlett has a great way of making sure I do exactly what the Skinnie Minnies are doing whether I think I can or not but also listens when something doesn’t work for my body and adjusts it for me so I can work out as hard as everyone else. She’s so motivating and a pleasure to train with. I still have a way to go to look exactly how I want too but the changes are massive and I feel really healthy and active for the first time ever I think. I know that if I stay focused and listen to Scarlett I’ll get where I need to be! Thank you x
April 2017 – Kerry Burch (ITV Producer, postnatal)
Since joining ELB and starting Scarlett’s classes I have seriously not looked back. I was 13 weeks postnatal when I joined and although Im only 3 months in, my fitness levels have massively increased and I have already lost a stone in weight. I know this is just the beginning of my ELB fitness journey and I can’t wait to see where Scarlett takes me and what goals we smash together next.
March 2017 – Giorgie Mucklow (mummy on the go)
After having two children in the past 5 years I have really seen my body change. Since I have been working with Scarlett I can really feel and see the difference. Not only in my body, but mentally too. Scarlett is professional, knowledgeable and continues to provide me with fun and dynamic workouts. She is always encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and to try new things. She has helped me with my diet and taught me to be consistent. Its not just changed the way I look but its changed my way of thinking throughout my life. With two young children I need lots of energy and being a stone and a half lighter, I feel like a new women, all thanks to Scarlett and Studio ELB
December 2016 – Aimee Crosby (yummy mummy of 4!!!)
I started training with sassy little Scarlet Bagnall in September after the summer holidays. I had always trained and been a long time runner but had struggled loosing weight and got stuck in a rut of doing the same training. I had a goal of fitting into a dress for a black tie event, the first few sessions were hard but I loved her tough love approach! Consistency consistency consistency she said with the diet and she was so right! We smashed all my goals I lost a stone 6 weeks and dropped a dress size! Every sessions is different and never boring and I am still amazed with the results!
July 2016 – Dan, Nick and Chris (all for one and one for all)
We found out about ELB studio through a friend and decided to take the plunge of getting a personal trainer after many unsuccessful attempts of trying to improve our fitness and health. We decided to do this as a 3 as we all needed to improve our lifestyle and become more healthy through improving our fitness and nutrition. The 3 of us are all 27 and participate in a variety of sports and activities with varying degrees of fitness and goals. We all had a main goal of improving our fitness for our specific sports, daily routine and for myself weight loss. We met our trainer Scarlett Bagnall a week before we started and she gave us an outline of what to expect and asked us to keep a food diary. The following week after handing over our food diaries we started our 1st session of 11.
After our first session it was quiet clear that Scarlett is very competent and knowledgeable in her work and we all soon realised we were going to have to work extremely hard and how unfit we actually were with one of us being physically sick on the way home. The first few session were not easy but our fitness quickly improved and on a personal note weight was falling off. After the first session Scarlett provided us with food plans, although we didn’t stick to these fully we have all managed to incorporate parts of the plan into our diets and i have noticed a difference in what I’m now eating. We are all partial to enjoying the weekend, including takeaways and the occasional alcoholic beverage or two and this is something that we wanted to continue to enjoy and have managed to while still improving our fitness and weight loss goals. Scarlett has managed to incorporate all our requirements in during the sessions with a variety off drills and exercises with huge success and we have all noticed a huge improvement to our fitness from everyday activities and within our sports. During the 11 sessions Scarlett often weighed us and measured us to monitor our progress. After the 11 weeks i had lost just over over 2 stone and we had all noticed a difference within our bodies.
We all decided to do another 11 sessions and we are currently half way through these and i have now lost just over 3 stone and have nearly achieved my weight loss target. As much as Scarlett is a hard task master and is very quick to stop our time wasting antics to catch our breath she seems to be able to work us at a level that i still manage to enjoy and would never get to when training by myself. The weight loss alone shows how successful the sessions and Scarlets hard work have been. We look forward to continuing to improve our fitness and working to complete our set goals and setting new ones.
June 2016 – Amy Bassi (Journey to her Prom)
From the age of 13, I wasn’t confident with the way I looked. A negative attitude towards myself which then affected my personality. Always felt uncomfortable with my body and had low self-esteem. I knew I had to me a change. A special day was approaching my end of year school prom.Recommended by family and friends, I met Vivi Bakos. She transformed my life.Disciplining what I ate to improve the way I looked. Therefore I had to motivate myself and make exercise my daily routine, taking away the negativity and putting in the positivity.I started to believe that I could achieve my goal of being the best shape I could be. Vivi monitored me for 6 weeks , always in contact, observing me and understanding my life. She had a great way of making me look forward to training with her.Building up a friendship which I now cherish.Thanks you so much for all your inspiration and caring over the past 6 weeks, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you.
June 2016 – Tanyel Emin (bringing sass and fun to the studio)
 I have working out with Scarlett Bagnall coming up to 3months now !! And the way she pushes me and gets the best out of me is unreal… I never knew I could do half the things I do now and it’s all thanks to the encouragement and passion she has… Thank you for helping me work towards my body goal and I forgot to add I am 1 stone lighter and getting abs I never have seen before. Thank you
May 2016 – Louise Baron (as dedicated as they come)
I started training with Emma Louise Burrows in January 2016 in order to get a leaner fitter body for a big family party in May.  I had previously started at ELB doing the MIT classes with Scarlett & Vivii and then added my PT sessions with Emma.Training with Emma gives me the full body workout that I need. I’m not into building big muscles, so my objective was to get as lean as possible and get fitter. Emma’s workouts and diet plans delivered exactly that.  Emma is extremely professional and her expertise in exercise and nutrition are second to none.  She is very engaging and structured which was fantastic in keeping me on track and motivated.  The programme she put me on enabled me to achieve my personal goals and way more.Emma is so passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session.  Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  She makes each workout challenging, creative and pushes me past my limits!
I can’t thank her enough.
December 2015 – Lauren Pope (TOWIE stunner and business lady)
“From the moment I first met Emma Louise Burrows I felt as though she understood what I did and didn’t like about my body and the areas I wanted to improve, she then catered our workouts to be more specific and the results were pretty instant for the better.
I find our workouts are never a chore, the different styles and moves always kept me motivated and pushing through for my best results. Great studio and friendly team!”
December 2015 – Charlotte Kay (positive, energetic lady who travels far and wide to train at the studio)
“The second you walk into the gym you feel a warm and welcoming vibe. The training is intense and purposeful, you always leave feeling like you have really worked every muscle you wanted to focus on! And most importantly you feel part of a family, as you guys actually care and take interests in more then just the workout but also our lives, bodies and minds. It’s an all round support system, and bond which is created and is really special, defiantly not something you can get everywhere! I look forward to training which is a first! I love you guys and love being a machine in training – part of the family! Xxx”
November 2015 – Madeleine Ker (focused strong women, found herself in fitness)
Well, where do I start? I came to ELB a broken woman both physically and mentally, but I had a goal and that was to enter fitness competitions. From my first meeting with Vivi Bakos she was so positive and nothing I said I wanted to achieve phased her, everything was possible. Vivi really  is one of the best, if not the best. Her knowledge and expertise is on point and her sessions extremely tough, but addictive. I am physically and mentally stronger, more confident, motivated and most of all fit! Vivi really has changed my life and I will be forever grateful.
Roll on April for my first comp. THANK YOU VIVI!!
June 2015 – Shelley Short (finding her love for health and fitness again)
‘Following an ELB nutrition plan was the best decision I ever made. Not only have I already lost 11 pounds but the diet itself has been very versatile and I have been on relatively high calories compared to the low calories I had been on previously. I have tried different coaches diets over the past 6 months but none of them had worked for me. Before I was about to give up I managed to find Emma Louise Burrows and want to thank her for tailoring this nutrition plan to my specific needs which has not only changed my body shape but also my health.’ 
February 2015 – Craig Davies (Mr 100% intensity 100% of the time)
‘My name is Craig Davies I’m a busy 54 year old managing director and keen sports person, I keep myself fairly fit I love skiing, tennis, cycling at a good level and I Motor Race where I need to be fit. I was introduced to Vivi Bakos by a friend who assured me she will get me to my required level to help build my stamina. I can say that Vivien has got me in shape both physically and mentally I look forward to our weekly sessions where Vivien tailors in advance the areas where I need to work on and pushes me hard, what a great fun girl, thank you Vivi.’
February 2015 – Bradley Jones-Chapman (avid cyclist and ELB machine in the making)
Vivi Bakos, my new trainer and friend who  has personally changed my outlook on training and diet, she has not only given me a new lease of life I feel more disciplined and have personal goals that I know are achievable. Vivien is an amazing trainer who has designed a taylor made fitness program around my abilities and age. Her dedication to training is infectious and her funny ways and sense of humour make the session an absolute joy even after the toughest workout. It doesn’t matter whatever mood I’m in when i walk through that studio door, I guarantee I leave feeling physically and mentally nourished and this is solely down to you Vivien so thank you for making a 53 year old man feel 40. I’m a satisfied customer.’
November 2014 – Amy Claire Short (Miss Galaxy Universe 2014, fashionista and fitness fanatic)
‘Fitness competitions were something that I had considered briefly as I have a few friends who compete; but after speaking to Emma Louise Burrows I was ready to take on this challenge and whatever she had to throw at me. Boy did my body get a shock! I am a complete newbie to fitness competitions, however with Emma’s careful and well thought out training and nutrition plans I was in the best hands. Once the hardcore training and healthy diet began I started to see my body change with amazing results. Emma’s training was different to anything I had experienced before, in a VERY good way. Emma homed in on my weaknesses (one of them being press-ups), yet by the end of my training these had turned into strengths. I couldn’t even do 1 press up when i began my training but by competition day of Miss Galaxy, I was able to beat all my previous PB’s and managed 35 press-ups in a minute! Emma pushed me and always wanted more. Emma and I worked together to make it happen. There were some tears (those tabata sprints were satan’s mistress) but they were all worth it in the end, when I won the title of Supreme Champion at Miss Galaxy in November; 2 years after Emma won it herself! Without her attitude to want the best out of people, I wouldn’t have got anywhere near the result I got. It is thanks to Emma’s hard work, drive and support in pushing me past my comfort barriers that I have got where i am. Her tenacity is infectious and saying “thank you” is not enough for all the work she has put in with me; the fitness, stage coaching and the diet. I look forward to continually improving on my weaknesses and working with Emma in the near future.’
November 2014 – Sandy Sciutto Cooke (Ms Bikini Britain Overall Champion 2014 and Ms Bikini European Champion 2014)
Emma Louise Burrows is an amazing posing coach! I am so happy we worked together for my Musclemania (Fitness Universe) and Musclemania European Championships,  as her knowledge and experience were invaluable. She genuinely aimed at bringing the best out in me, helping me and pushing me to believe in myself and my full potential (even more than I believed in it myself!!). One can tell that this is her passion and not just a job.   We worked really well as a team,  bouncing off each other’s ideas and choreo creativity.  She wouldn’t impose moves on you, she will work with you to find a pose that suits your body, you feel best doing, feel more comfortable with but at the same time pushing your comfort zone.   Apart from that, she is a little hard worker, extremely professional, organised, reliable and punctual, which are the absolute qualities you need from the team who are helping you during contest prep!  I wish her all the success she deserves!’
September 2014 – Maria Radford (successful city girl, wife and mother)
’6 weeks before my wedding I tried on my wedding dress at one of my fittings and thought “this is so not how I want to look on my wedding day!” I signed up with Emma Louise Burrows the next day, she wrote me a strict diet plan and trained me 2-3 times a week until the big day. I have never felt in such amazing shape, Emma changed my whole outlook on nutrition and fitness. She set me goals and kept me motivated and focused.  We did something new at every session, never the same class twice. I felt incredible on my wedding day, strong, toned and happy.  When I returned from honeymoon, I fell pregnant within a month and Emma continued to train me throughout my pregnancy right up until the 8th month, she kept me in amazing shape and couldn’t wait to get started again after my Son was born. Emma whipped me back into shape and helped me rediscover bits of my body I didn’t think I’d see again. I absolutely love Emma as a friend and a super PT, she is incredibly innovative and professional. I’ve never met anyone more dedicated and determined to be the best in her field. Studio ELB is definitely the elite! xxx’
June 2014 – Alec Baines (living the dream at McLaren)
‘Most male designed plans are all weight based and bulking up, your training guides are very much like my old PT, she was a gymnast too and gave me fully functional killer workouts and PT sessions but you also give the nutritional advice, which is what I love. Yes most blokes want the 6 pack and to bulk up, I admit I look at Jay Cutler and think I would love to look like that, but in reality, you need to be functional and fit in fitness with everyday life. That is why I love to train with Emma and Vivi at Studio ELB!’
April 2013 – Pippa Robinson (hard working marketing guru)
‘As I approach my thirties, I’ve realised that I have to work so much harder to get motivated.  Deciding to get a personal trainer, and finding Emma Louise Burrows, has been one of the best decisions of my life.   A master of her craft, she has encouraged me, sculpted and toned my problem areas and turned me into a fitness freak – not to mention helping me to drop two dress sizes! Besides helping to retrain my body, she has retrained my attitude and I’ve never felt stronger or healthier.   Each workout with Emma is challenging, but most importantly, fun!  Emma motivates me to push myself to the limit, and I have certainly reaped the benefits of her dedication to obtain maximum results.  Her wealth of knowledge about correct nutrition has improved my energy levels – my balance, flexibility and strength have improved immensely too and I look forward to each day now.    If you are serious about becoming fitter and healthier, Emma will help you every step of the way.   Emma has awakened the athlete in me, which I never knew existed – thank you so much Em – I am hooked!’
January 2013 – Anne Donoghue (fabulous at 50)
Emma Louise Burrows has transformed my outlook on fitness and training. I became a client because I was focussed on a very short term narrow goal of looking acceptable in a bikini for a forthcoming holiday … sound familiar?? Not only did I meet that objective, I achieved so much more than expected: core strength and fitness and addressing some historic posture problems I previously thought I’d just have to live with – not so! The added extras have achieved a much more holistic result for me, physically and mentally, which sums up Emma’s approach. Emma always listens and adapts to my needs and makes every challenge good fun and achievable. Training and aiming to continually improve is now an integral part of my lifestyle – and I can’t see that changing. Many thanks Emma!’